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Men of Mentos
Port City Life

Fritz Grobe and his partner Steve Voltz became overnight internet celebrties with their epic Diet Coke and Mentos powered fountains. 3,000 bottles of soda and 18,000 Mentos later, they've retreated to their "lab" to develop a new routine. And like big-time recording artists following up a critically lauded album, they stand face-to-face with the threat of the sophomore slump.

The Perfect Mixer
The Philadelphia Independent

Peter Napolitano tends the bar at Melody Lanes, a vintage bowling alley in Brooklyn. And though he claims to have never read a book, he can often be found chatting animatedly about superstring theory, the writings of Joseph Campbell, or his own homespun philosophy - something he calls "epiphanomics."

The Reverend Billy
The Philadelphia Independent

Reverend Billy, a.k.a. Bill Talen, a recovering Dutch Calvinist, was drawn to New York by the allure of the Great White Way. But he never made it to the stage. Now he brings his act to retail spaces like Disney stores and Starbucks coffee shops.

Men of Mentos, Great American Lumberjill, Men of Marvel: Amanda Kowalski
Reverend Billy: Mason Wendell
The Perfect Mixer: Katy Haas